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Friday, June 18, 2004

Zarqawi and the Syrians

from Yediot Ahronot (Hebrew only) via JCPA's Daily Alert
Ahronot-Hebrew, 18 June 04

Two and a half months ago, four trucks full of twenty tons of military equipment and poisonous materials were seized by Jordan not far from the Syrian border.

Azmi Jyusi, a leader of the terrorist cell who was captured, said that part of the operational plan of Abu Musab al-Zarkawi [the terrorist who beheaded American Nicholas Berg] was to paralyze the intelligence and security system of the Jordanian kingdom.

Two days after the disclosure, President Bashar Assad appeared at the king's palace to apologize that "truck bombs were smuggled from Syria without his knowledge."

The Israeli intelligence community in Tel Aviv smirked cynically: "Not even a cat can cross the Syrian border without being checked and registered."

Because of the insufferable way the trucks crossed the Syrian border, Assad was not invited to the wedding of the Jordanian crown prince two weeks ago.