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Friday, July 09, 2004

ACTION ALERT via Isralert

I hate this approach, but no doubt it's very effective
Within the next 48 hours send the attached message, or some variation thereof, to the United Nations, The EU Parliament, and the EU Court of Justice.

Please take a moment NOW to send your Email to:
The United Nations ecu@un.org

The EU Parliament civis@europarl.eu.int

EU Court of Justice info@curia.eu.int

Sample Email
Dear Sirs:

When Israel builds a fence to keep out terrorists, the UN and the EU are up in arms because it makes it difficult to kill Jews.

When terrorists shoot (point blank) an eight month pregnant Jewish woman, and her four little girls, killing them all, there is absolute silence from your organizations.

If you think your indifference goes unnoticed, count the number of messages you will receive World-Wide in the next 48 - 72 hours on this subject.



I hate this approach. Can you imagine the rollicking laughter in the halls of the Hague if, after receiving this warning - "count the number of messages you will receive" - they get only 17 or 36 or 122 emails?

We simply can't let that happen, and it's already in the works. Use the sample, modify it, or write your own. I wrote, "I CONDEMN THE RACIST RULING AGAINST SAVING JEWISH LIVES" in the subject line.

Whatever... JUST DO IT.

UPDATE - I would (and did) add a copy to the Ombudsman for the EU Parliament at euro-ombudsman@europarl.eu.int

Even better is Naomi Ragen's suggestion that we write to the EU Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia. information@eumc.eu.int