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Thursday, July 22, 2004

And I thought I couldn't get upset over anything new . . .

"to facilitate the identification of Jews"

I was doing a kind of intuitive whizz around the blogosphere... Maybe you do it, too - you're not really thinking, you're just mindlessly following links as they appear and appeal to you....  Anyway, I don't  know how I got there,  but I came across a blog called PEAKTALK.  I was admiring its neat little mountain-peak-looking graphics that separate the posts, when I saw a piece called Re-alignment of Anti-semitism.  I was so moved by the last line,
"That's why it's no longer a fight for Jews only; it has become a struggle for all of us"
that I decided to blog it.  I went back, engaged my mind,  and read it more carefully (you should too), checking out the links.  The writer, Pieter, refers to a "furor" I hadn't heard about:

"a Canadian anti-globalist newspaper [I think it's a magazine] called Adbusters ... publish[ed] a list of American neo-conservatives... marking those that were Jewish with an asterisk..."
Well, you would've thought someone had tattooed a number on my arm, the way I felt when I read that.   It's that act of pointing out, of singling out, of stamping the Jews.  Then stamping them out.  Stomachache City, folks.

Here's the Adbusters list.

What can you do, but perhaps undertake to sign your name with an asterisk from now on?


from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

WARNING: Following up on this story can lead you into the pits:

"So I guess it's OK for Jewish neocons to admit their Jewishness, but it is criminal 'anti-Semitism' for gentile critics to say the very same thing." 

Stephen Sniegoski goes on to say,

"Obviously, the very fact that one cannot speak the obvious truth about Jews, without facing serious intimidation, helps to underscore the magnitude of Jewish power"
. . and worse.
That's it for me, for now... but I'll come back to this at some point.  And I'll be bringing the full magnitude of my Jewish power with me.