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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Andrew Sullivan led me to Instapundit led me to Newsfeed led me to the BBC:

May 1999 - Clinton defended Sandy Berger over alleged theft of nuclear secrets

President Clinton has defended his National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, against demands for him to resign over the alleged theft by China of US nuclear secrets.
Eighty opposition Republicans earlier wrote to Mr Clinton saying they wanted Mr Berger to resign.

"Mr Berger has failed in his responsibility as this nation's national security advisor by not properly informing you of the most serious espionage ever committed against the United States," the lawmakers said in the letter.

They said he knew of concerns about Chinese espionage, but delayed taking action.

Berger: 'We acted appropriately'

In his first public appearance since the publication of the damning congressional report, Mr Berger said he was not considering resigning.

"I believe that personally and within the White House, we acted appropriately when this information was brought to our attention," he said.

And on Thursday President Clinton said he had full confidence in his security adviser.

Mr Berger, who has been a strong advocate of expanding trade ties with China, is a long-standing ally of the president.