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Monday, July 19, 2004

Another Stop-the-Wall kinda gal

Colorado Representative shows her colors

  Diana DeGette voted against the U.S. HR Resolution,  

"Deploring the misues of the International Court of Justice by a plurality of the United Nations General Assembly for a narrow political purpose, the willingness of the International Court of Justice to acquiesce in an effort likely to undermine its reputation and interfere with a resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli. . ." 

Fortunately, Resolution HR713 passed 361-45, with 13 voting "present" and 14 not voting.
If you'd like to comment to Rep. DeGette, she is "always interested in hearing from you" and provides an online email form for your convenience.
UPDATE:  For those who might miss the comments here, Rick points out that of the 45 NO votes, 43 were Democrats.  That's nearly one of every four Democrats in the House!
The other two NO votes were cast by one Republican and one Independent.
'Nuff said. Either you get it or you don't.