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Sunday, July 18, 2004


by Nelson Ascher at EuroPundits -- via Belmont Club
In the 90s, not only the Israeli leadership, but much of the population nourished the idea that a definitive peace was well in the way to be achieved and, because of this faith, most newspapers and the media, whenever there was a terrorist attack, said that Israel wouldn’t give in to the terrorists who wanted to destroy the peace process. In other words, one of the requirements for peace was a toleration of the murdering of Jews, and far too many Israelis agreed with this.
Quite simply, no country on Earth tried so hard to appease terror, to believe terror was not terror, to believe not only that peace with the terrorists was possible, but also that it was right around the corner, as Israel did . . .
At some point, many of those Americans and Europeans who are right now in denial, who are investing so much energy in keeping their eyes closed will be forced by circumstances to see that wishful thinking alone can never be enough to protect them.
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