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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Decapitate 'em Infinitum

DEBKAfile:  Head and body of decapitated Westerner found in Tigris near Baiji north of Baghdad feared one of two Bulgarian hostages. Body taken to Tikrit for autopsy. A beheaded body was found in same area a week ago and still not identified.

Kenya calls on all citizens to leave Iraq and save hostages lives after al Qaeda group threatens to behead 2 Kenyans, 3 Indians and 1 Egyptian - unless their governments withdraw civilians from Iraq.

The Scotsman: A FILIPINO hostage has told how Iraqi insurgents at one point sharpened a sword and probed his neck for the right spot to cut.

Angelo dela Cruz’s fate changed dramatically when his captors learned Filipino troops would withdraw from Iraq to meet their demand.

NY Times:  The Saudi police have made the grisly discovery in Riyadh of the frozen head of Paul M. Johnson Jr., the American hostage decapitated by his captors last month, the Interior Ministry announced Wednesday.

The head was found during a raid on Tuesday of the suspected hide-out of Saleh al-Awfi, the reputed leader of Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, the main franchise in the kingdom of Osama bin Laden's group.

A Google News Search for the term, "beheaded," yields about 15,700 hits.  

Google News includes articles that appeared within the past 30 days.

What year is this?