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Friday, July 16, 2004

Election politics

I wish it were over already

Kerry said "Never Again," but was referring to the 2000 election recount.

(Also to the NAACP), Kerry said Bush "may be too busy to talk to you, but I have news for you: He's going to have plenty of time after Nov. 2."

Yeah, and wouldn't Kerry have loved it if Bush had spoken to the NAACP? The headline would have been, "President Gets Booed." Well, John Edwards's brother is wanted on a 10-year-old Arapahoe County DUI warrant, so there.

And take this, all you Kerry folks:
Kerry and Bush are evenly matched on qualities like compassion, honesty and likability. But Bush has a 22-point edge over Kerry on the question of who is decisive. Two-thirds said Bush is decisive and fewer than half said that of Kerry. . .
"The quality I like about the president is he knows what he wants, and he focuses on what he wants to do. He's not wishy-washy," said Sam Werzberger, a 26-year-old independent from New York City, who hasn't decided for whom he will vote. "I've seen very little of Kerry, but he seems to say what people want to hear."
So what does Kerry think the African American community wants to hear? He ended his speech to the NAACP this way: "My friends, this is the most important election of our lifetime," he said. At stake, he said, are jobs, health care, the political composition of the Supreme Court and the country's standing in the world.

Get outta here. At stake are jobs? health care? What about terrorists threatening a bloodbath in Italy? Does Kerry not have anything to say about such things, or does he think that African Americans don't care about them? He should meet LaShawn Barber. She used to be a liberal too.