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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Enter the Wisconsin Greens

It's not just the Presbyterians anymore
Jonathan Tobin in the JWR: Though media coverage of the recent Green convention in Milwaukee concentrated on the party's refusal to back Nader this time, as the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle reported earlier this month, the Greens also passed a platform endorsing, among other things,
  • the so-called Palestinian "right of return,"
  • an end to U.S. support for the Jewish state, and
  • the replacement of the State ofIsrael with a binational Jewish/Arab state.

It would be easy to laugh this off as the ravings of a bunch of tree-huggers, but that would be to miss the point. Although they are a tiny minority, the Greens are given respectful treatment in the national press that is not accorded to other fringe groups. Few causes are considered more chic than environmentalism and even though theGreens are Luddites with no chance of winning a national election, their support has steadily grown over the years. Unlike other extremists, the Greens can count on both the media and their base in academia to soften any criticismof their stands.

The fact that they have lined up behind the Jew-haters points to the growing legitimacy accorded such despicable ideas on not only the farleft but in academia as well. That they did so without so much as a peep of protest from the mainstream press also speaks volumes about the way such viewsare increasingly accepted. All this shows that anyone who scoffs at theDemocrats or Republicans lining up for Israel should think again. At a time when it is more vital than ever that American Jews speak up for Israel, the Greens have shown that the radical anti-Zionism so fashionable in Europe today has won a toehold on our own shores.