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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Naomi Ragen reaction to Kerry policy statement on Israel
1)  "The majority of Palestinans want peace." 

The majority of Palestinian people in numerous public opinion polls have statedagain and again that what they want is for terrorism to continue and for the State of Israel to be destroyed.  On what is this statement based?

2)  "Israelis expect that there will be a Palestinian State." 

Not this Israeli. Not in my lifetime.

3)  John Kerry sees Bush's Roadmap as a "long overdue..and acceptable approach for reinvigorating the peace process. "

Hello?  The Roadmap- which said Israel would retreat if the Palestinians would stop terror -- was a stupid and dangerous idea which was dead in the water from the beginning.  Even the Bush administration realizes that, I hope.  The Palestinians will never stop terror.

4)   "U.S. engagement should be active, constant, and at the highest levels."

Sounds like pressuring Israel to go back to getting itself blown up again. Which is what he expects, rightfully, is going to happen. "The United States cannot walk away or lessen its commitment to this process when violence erupts and the going gets rough."

5)   "Work actively to encourage an end to violence and help the parties take the steps forward outlined by the roadmap." 

Right, Israeli and Palestinian violence are equally at fault here.  Sounds like CNN.

6)  "No country can dictate the terms of peace." 

As I recall, after WWII, theAllies didn't negotiate with the Nazis.

7)  " Progress toward peace cannot be made against a backdrop of terrorism andviolence; they are not legitimate tools to achieve political goals."

Again, the blame is weighted equally between Israel and the Palestinians.

8)  "The United States must support their efforts - keep them focused on the endgame of two states; Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security - and help them take the necessary steps to build enough confidence andtrust in each other to get there."  

And the Intifada never happened.  And the Oslo experiment was a success.  And there are really people out there who weren't awake the last three years when the Palestinians made it clear that they aren't interested in a State.  They are interested in murdering Israelis one by one until the last one raises his hand in defeat.

9)   "Prime Minister Qureia must take serious, demonstrable steps to stop the bombings against Israelis and to rein in militant Palestinian groups bent on destroying the peace process.  In Kerry's view, it is critical that our European and Arab allies support this effort aggressively. " 

Mr. Arafat's hand-picked lackey is going to fight terror? 

And the Europeans and Arabs are going to help him...?

10)   "The United States must also work with both Israelis and Palestinians to create acceptable and verifiable security benchmarks that the PalestinianAuthority can reasonably achieve." 

The U.S. is going to find security benchmarks that are "acceptable" to the Palestinians, nothing that's too hard for them, that can't "reasonably" be achieved.

11)   "While Israel must never give up its right to protect its citizens, the Israeli government must be prepared to respond with steps to alleviate hardships on the Palestinian people.  The United States must work with Israel to identify and implement these confidence building measures." 

The "hardships" of the Palestinian people are caused by their local terror networks, the bomb factories housed in their apartment houses, the suicide bombers they send out, the hatred they teach their nursery schoolchildren.  That is why there are curfews, and walls, and checkpoints,  Mr. Kerry.  What exactly "must" the Israeli government do to allievate these problems, without giving up its right to protect its citizens?  And how, exactly, is the U.S. going to  "work" with Israel to give the Palestinians "confidence" that the war-mongering and oppressive Israelis really want peace? 

( isn't this Oslo nonsense ever going to stop?)

12)  "As meaningful steps are taken to fight terrorism, Prime Minister Sharon and Prime Minister Qureia must move forward simultaneously with determination, perseverance, and demonstrated commitment on the road to peace."

Right, the fault is equally weighted, the Israelis having to prove their determination and committment to peace the same as the Palestinians.   The Palestinians and Israelis are  both runners at the starting gate, all equally to blame for what happened.

Well, thank you for pointing out this site out to me.  It really has cleared things up.


Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and playwright who has lived in Jerusalem since 1971. 
She has published six best-selling novels in the US, UK and Israel, and is the author of a hit play in Israel's National Theatre. Naomi also publishes a regular email newsletter, to which you can subscribe by sending an empty email message to: NaomiRagen-on@mail-list.com.
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