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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gotta get the hard copy

Not only did we make the cover of the Colorado Daily, but we got another photo inside

Left to right, behind Bninski, are J.J., me and Jessie.

And please, don't miss the article, "Another brick in the wall". It couldn't be better. Paul Danish's eloquent remarks are quoted extensively.
Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish . . . characterized the fences as a defense mechanism in the war against terrorism.

"What they ("Stop the Wall") are taking is an attempt by the government of Israel to fight a war in a very humane way, and trying to demonize it," said Danish. "And I think that is utterly contemptible."

"When people who are supposedly pacifists are asking one party in the war to take down their defenses and show their throats to their enemy, that shows to me that they are neither pacifists nor neutral in the struggle," said Danish.

"If I had to characterize their (RMPJC) views, it would be that they have functioned for the last three years as ideological enablers of terrorism," Danish said.
Kol hakavod, and Gd bless you, Mr. Danish.

While I'm gushing, I'd like to thank Dr. Neil Dobro, director of Americans Against Terrorism, for his dedication to Am Yisrael and his calm, cool and collected leadership in the face(s) of "ideological enablers of terrorism." He's pictured here, at the far right

with one of my press packets in hand (which, btw, we'd be happy to share with other communities assaulted by the StopTheWall.org Tour).

Final thanks go to Mr. Guildenstern for his photos, to my wonderful husband for cheerfully helping me with pictures and computers, to Raz for showing up at CU, to Matt for having the best sign (photo to follow), and to Jessie for being The Best.

Don't you bet the folks at RMPJC wish they had never even heard of the StopTheWall Tour? One can always hope that they will "take this lemon and turn it into lemonade" - it's a great opportunity for self-examination and reevaluation :)

And should Carolyn Bninski have any complaints, I would take this opportunity to remind her of her own words, published in the Colorado Daily last week:
". . . people should be able to exercise their free speech."