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Monday, July 05, 2004


Avi Dichter, head of Shin Bet, reports to the Cabinet

You should read all of this review of the state of the terror war, most of which I could have told you, or at least imagined: Israeli Arab citizens in East Jerusalem share the ideology of other Palestinian Arabs and because of their freedoms, are being recruited to participate in attacks; suicide bombings remain the biggest problem; the fence helps; Syria is aiding Hamas; Iran is aiding Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Tanzim; arms continue to be smuggled in from Egypt . . . yaddda yadda yadda.

No surprises, save one:
"He said that about 45 percent of the PA's $1 billion budget is provided by tax revenues Israel transfers to the PA. Of this budget, Arafat's office gets $8 million a month, which pays some 300 employees. Dichter said he cannot give assurances that none of this money ends up in the hands of terrorists.
That's about the craziest thing I ever heard.

UPDATE 07/09/04: Caroline Glick noticed it too (I'm so happy that at last I have something in common with my hero!)
In any even semi-rational country, this disclosure would have been the story of the week – if not the year. After all, can anyone imagine the US media reaction to a disclosure by the head of the FBI that the US was funding the Taliban or the Ba'athist regime in Iraq after September 11? In any marginally sane society, there would be demonstrations launched, lawsuits filed, black headlines, and stuttering government spokesmen sent out to whimper excuses for the government's financing of the murder of its citizens by the sworn enemies of the state.

But, sadly, this story received four lines buried at the end of a story in the inside pages of Yediot Aharonot and barely a mention anywhere else.
So she doesn't read this obscure American blog. . . that's okay. You still must read all of her Column One: Our daily drivel. It's long, but more than worthwhile. As always.