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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Islamophobia? Internet Haganah is on the case

Aaron at IH has an amazing post in three parts 
  1. July 16: "Man charged after device found in SUV"
  2. July 27: "Driver tells troopers of terror plans"
  3. July 28: "Sniper's kit found in search on I-80"

...Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kenneth Haas found a gun, three bulletproof vests, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a flight simulator and a bag of flight manuals dating to 2001.

Haas testified at a federal court hearing Tuesday that he also found a 5-foot telescope hooked to camera equipment, night-vision goggles and a night-vision rifle scope when searching Wagner's sport utility vehicle on July 14 on Interstate 80 near Council Bluffs. . . .

Books written in Arabic, including the Koran, along with hundreds of pages printed from the Internet on the Iraq war and terrorism, were found in Wagner's vehicle. . . .

His attorney, Angela Campbell, said the items found in Wagner's vehicle weren't illegal for average citizens to own and suggested that Wagner and his wife, Linda Maguire, were targeted because they are Muslim.

Iowa. Read it all here and follow all the links.