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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



in Exposing

Support for Terrorism in Colorado

:: TODAY ::

Leftist and Islamist supporters of Palestinian terror are bringing their “Stop the Wall Tour” to Boulder this Wednesday July 14 and to Denver on Thursday July 15. They are falsely portraying Israel’s highly effective security barrier as an “apartheid wall”.

Stop-the-Wall in Seattle, Nov. 2003

AMERICANS AGAINST TERRORISM (AAT) is asking you as a supporter of the fight against terror to join in telling the press, onlookers, and even our opponents who might listen, the truth: Israel needs, and has a right to, a security fence to save lives until true peace comes.

Dr. Neil Dobro states that AAT plans to "have a presence for the purpose of telling the truth about the security fence. . . . for Israel's sake we will be non-disruptive, non-inflammatory, non-confrontational and focus on getting out truthful information to the press and bystanders."

Benyamin Netanyahu, Israel's finance minister and former prime minister:

"Instead of placing Palestinian terrorists and those who send them on trial, the United Nations-sponsored international court placed the Jewish state in the dock, on the charge that Israel is harming the Palestinians' quality of life. But saving lives is more important than preserving the quality of life. Quality of life is always amenable to improvement. Death is permanent.

The Palestinians complain that their children are late to school because of the fence. But too many of our children never get to school — they are blown to pieces by terrorists who pass into Israel where there is still no fence."

"I have placed before you today the life and the good, the death and the evil.
You shall choose life." --Parshat Nitzavim 30


Please join us at 11:30 AM in Boulder on Wednesday at the courthouse on the Pearl Street Mall for our opponents noontime press conference. We will continue until 3 PM with them on the Mall. We will have information kits for the press, and leaflets for everyone.

At 7 PM we will also leaflet their supporters at their presentation that night at 7 PM at University of Colorado at Boulder- Humanities Building Room 150. PLEASE CALL MATT TO SIGN UP FOR BOTH: (303) 570-1038


On Thursday at 4:15 PM at the Lincoln Street Park across from the Capitol Building in Denver. They plan a moving demonstration until 5:30 PM. We will assemble near them with our banner, press kits, and leaflets. We will also be leafletting their presentation at 7pm at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California. PLEASE CALL PHIL TO SIGN UP FOR BOTH: 303-431-5355

For further information on Israel's security barrier project, see this Ministry of Foreign Affairs site and or Stand With Us.