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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


While I'm ranting at NPR (see below) --and at a certain liberal  whom I love and who shall remain nameless-- the tireless Charles Johnson is blogging up a storm over at LGF.  More power to him.

You should go read about the Islamic chaplain who gave last night's closing benediction at the Democratic National Convention

. . . and the U.S. giving citizenship to 7000 Russian Muslims (in addition to free housing and life-long pensions).

Oh, and this is funny

Yasser Arafat's revamp of the myriad Palestinian 
security services has failed to clear confusion over
fundamental questions such as who is at their helm and
the scope of their powers.(AFP/Jamal Aruri)

... except for the fact that Arafat is smarter than the journalists who cover him.

I'm going to bed. Maybe when I wake up, I won't be completely overwhelmed. I may even blog again one day, you never know.