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Saturday, July 10, 2004

LaShawn Barber Blows Off Some (Very Substantial) Steam

At least once a year, I think I'm going to publicly blow off steam and address liberals who seem to resent my very existence. First of all, this blog is a not a democracy; it's a dictatorship and I'm a benevolent dictator. Absolute freedom of speech doesn't exist anywhere, except maybe on a deserted island, and freedom of speech in the constitutional sense doesn't exist on this blog for anyone but me. . . .

Mama said there'd be days like this. Since starting my column, I've experienced what I'd been warned would happen: venom. For a long time, it's been taboo in the black community to talk/write publicly about what ails us.

I've read/heard what liberals of any color have to say about Ward Connerly, Justice Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice. Just yesterday, I found out about a disgusting cartoon put out by Ted Rall. According to Rall, who is a white liberal, Rice is a "House Nigga". . . .

If you can't deal with me now, you better stop reading this blog and my articles, because as long as liberalism continues to erode society, my voice will only get louder. This a free country. Go read someone else's blog and don't even think of trying to comment on this one unless you're willing to treat me and my commenters with respect.

I have my own mind, my own beliefs and my own opinions. My skin color does not require me to abide by an unwritten code of conduct. Blacks are not a homogeneous entity moving in lockstep toward some phantom destination.

We are a sub-culture of the American culture with diverse interests and opinions. Some of us even express those opinions publicly. Blacks are not special in the sense that we are above comment, criticism or chastisement. We are not required to refrain from speaking out against someone just because they or we are black. We have the same rights as any other American, and it is a privilege to be able to hold different views and freely share them as we see fit.

I will exercise that right as long as God sees fit to let me live.

Wow. Read it all, and may Gd see fit to bless Ms. Barber with a good and long life, filled with success. . . and just the right amount of steam.