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Monday, July 19, 2004

LGF has such a clever way of putting things:

"Ariel Sharon tells the Jews to leave France,
France tells Ariel Sharon to stay home"

France, now let me see . . . isn't that the country where a 12-year-old Jewish girl was attacked and got a swastika cut into her face? Ah yes, as I recall, that was Paris in the springtime.

Jerusalem Post:  France informed Israel Monday that Prime Minister Sharon, whose office has been planning a visit to France, is not welcome in light of his call to French Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Israeli diplomatic officials said that Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, French President Jacques Chirac's personal diplomatic advisor, spoke to Israeli diplomat Jacques Revah and informed him that as a result of Sharon's call to French Jewry to leave France, "there is no reason to see Sharon."

Speaking of France, a letter from France

Dear Naomi [Ragen],
I have read with great interest the controversy about Bush-Kerry and how to vote.I would like to contribute the view of a Frenchman who will not take part in the election.Obviously I do not have a view fo the domestic affairs in the US, and I am very sensitive to the feminist arguments in this field. But I want to give you a foreign affairs point of view.
The French anti-Israel, and anti-American, active policy would be reinforced by an eventual victory of Kerry. They would feel that they contributed to the defeat of Bush and that they can impose their view of the world to Kerry. What the French call multi-lateralism is following the French unilateralism.
The victory of Kerry would represent a considerable victory of the anti-American camp in Europe and would therefore reinforce all the pressures on Israel. The French administration of Chirac considers the state of Israel as an accident in history which should be corrected as quickly as possible,and it would refinforce its influence on the rest of Europe if Bush does notwin.
If only for that reason Bush must win. The present threat to the world of the Islamic totalitarianism is enormous and totally underestimated here. Many in Europe, following Chirac, believe that this threat can be placated, as Chamberlain believed in 1938 for Hitler. If Kerry wins, the chances of going in this direction of placating the Islamists is high, and it will lead the world to a catastrophe, in regard of which the temporary damage done byBush to social policies in the US will be totally negligible. The Islamic danger is often underestimated by the US public, even though the press there is denouncing it much more than in France, but the public is often insensitive to the threat, even after 9-11.
Therefore judgement on whom to vote for should be based essentially, not on the positions of each of the candidates towards Israel, but on the irrespective positions in relation to the Islamic threat. This is the major problem for the world today, and for Israel as well as a front line country.
Therefore, as a concerned Jew, and as a concerned citizen of the Western world, I would vote Bush if I could, even though his domestic policies are wrong. These at least can be corrected in 4 years, while the submission ofthe Western world to the Islamists which Chirac is promoting and which Kerry might accept in the name of multi-lateralism, would be much more costly to reverse.
You can of course communicate this point of view to all on your list.
Norbert Lipszyc


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