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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

National Palestinian Radio strikes again

From: Anne Lieberman
To: NPR CEO Kevin Klose ; NPROmbudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 8:06 AM
Subject: Eleanor Beardsley on antisemitism in France 7/26/04

Dear Sirs,

I heard the report referenced above and was amazed that the only antisemitic attack specifically mentioned was one, the only one, that turned out to be a hoax. Also strange was the fact that, in a story about rising antisemitism in France, not a single French Jew was interviewed. No numbers of attacks were given, no figures showing the extent of the rise, no numbers of French Jews moving to Israel.

There was no mention of the 12-year-old Jewish girl who was attacked on her way home from school in Paris in the springtime; her attackers carved a swastika into her face with a boxcutter.  There was no mention of the 17-year-old student stabbed almost to death. There was no mention of the Holocaust-era mural in Rivesaltes being chiseled off the wall (you know, the one painted by Jewish children held in a transit camp before being sent to Nazi death camps). There was no mention of the hundreds of Jewish graves desecrated or synagogues or community centers being torched . ..  You get my point.

Airtime was given instead to several French Arab Muslims; how many were interviewed? Four? Five?  They didn't do it. They're not responsible. France does not do enough to integrate Arab Muslim youth into their society. Israel is bad.

NPR's coverage of antisemitism in France makes excuses for antisemitism in France, and omits any actual facts about the extent of its threat. You should be ashamed, trotting out agenda-driven drivel such as this under the guise of "news." 

Anne Lieberman
Boulder, CO