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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Phillipines caves in to terror

from AP, via Jihad Watch
MANILA, Philippines - Insurgents in Iraq freed a Filipino truck driver whom they kidnapped and threatened to behead, the Philippine labor secretary said Saturday.... The announcement came just hours after Arroyo's spokesman said the Philippines' small peacekeeping contingent in Iraq would be withdrawn when its tour ends Aug. 20.

Just like Spain, but it only took one truck driver. Reminds me of countries falling to Hitler, one after the other. But not to worry, according to al Reuters, Kerry has a plan, seemingly quite popular with the electorate:
"I think that it probably will take a new president to wipe the slate clean and offer the kind of leadership that has the potential to change the dynamics of what's happening in Iraq," Kerry said.

. . . . Newsweek magazine reported on Saturday the Democratic ticket was leading Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney by a margin of six percentage points.

Funny how the reporter phrased that -- "Bush" on the one hand, and "Vice President Dick Cheney" on the other. Must have a word limit.


Latest reports refute earlier ones: Phillipines Won't Withdraw Troops Early. Because global Jihad is so widespread (get it, global?), it's hard to keep track of all developments, but I'll do my best to keep you correctly updated.