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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

the protest and the counter-protest

Well, it was hot. It was really hot. And they put up this huge canvas-and-metal-frame "wall" that said something like, the Berlin Wall came down and the Israeli wall should fall... They had their speakers, droning on about the PoorPalestinians and how they suffer from the "apartheid" wall and the occupation, yadda yadda yadda.

We had at least an equivalent presence and really made our point, I think. We had a banner that said "Fence Out Terrorism," and signs: "Stop the Wall! The Bombers Can't Get Through!" and "RMPJC (RockyMtnPeaceandJusticeCenter) = Racist Malicious Propaganda Against Jews and Christians" - we really pissed them off.

The Colorado Daily, Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post all had reporters there. We'll see what they say tomorrow. My press packets came in handy and were well received.

We did what we could. We held our tongues, for the most part, while they diminished the vital need for Israeli security, enumerated the exquisite suffering of the Palestinians, and blamed the Jews and Israel for absolutely everything that ails them.

I'm hoping people will send me photos, and will post them as soon as I can.

I must mention the nachas I got, watching my 11-year-old Yehudit marching back and forth in front of their "wall" in an Am Yisrael Chai tshirt, and carrying an Israeli flag. She is an awesome Jew.

I wish more people had shown up.

It was hot. It was really hot.