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Friday, July 02, 2004

Some interesting poll results (March)

from PSR, the Palestinian nonthink profit tank of policy analysis and academic research

87% support attacks against Israeli soldiers,

86% support attacks against Jewish "settlers," and

53% support attacks against Israeli civilians
68% of Palestinians believe a majority of their people view Sharon's disengagement plan as a victory for armed struggle. This belief is highest in Gaza and in refugee camps, at 72%.

67% believe that armed confrontations have helped the Palestinians achieve "national rights" in a way that negotiations could not. Last December this percentages stood at 64%.

80% believe that Hizballah came out a winner from the prisoners' exchange with Israel.

Only 7% of Palestinians support the adoption of a school curriculum in [a future] Palestinian state that would recognize Israel and teach children not to demand return of all Palestine to the Palestinians.

Arafat's popularity is steady at 38%. Fatah is the most popular faction (27%) in the West Bank, while Hamas (27%) is most popular in Gaza.