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Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Stop-the-wall kinda guy, in Boulder

Letter in today's Daily Camera:
Once again the United States stands alone defending the ongoing illegal construction of Israel's security wall as it winds its way through Palestinian land, extending far beyond the 1967 border to protect the scores of large Jewish settlements already in place.  Apologists state that there is a double standard when applied to the Zionist wall, but what they fail to admit is that walls and fences that separate belligerent peoples are built over established borders.

We know that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth — such is the story of the Jewish lie about Palestine — a land they have illegally occupied for decades and continue to devastate. If the wall were built on the actual border that was established when the state of Israel was formed it would not have been deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice.


Too bad, and just a day after the Camera ran such a great editorial:  Yasser's Wall.  

I have a letter, too.

Dear fellow Jews in Boulder: 

The question is not, when will these things go away? The question is whether we will go quietly into the proverbial cattle car, or kick and scream along the way.

Kaluza's letter is not innocuous.  It's on par with the Green Party in Wisconsin and the Presbyterians.   Jew-hatred (a/k/a anti-Zionism, a/k/a anti-Israel-ism)  is seeping amazingly quickly and easily into the collective consciousness. . . in America . . . in Boulder.  We're no longer facing just some neo-Nazi loser sitting alone in his basement.

Are we too beset by apathy or cowardice to even respond?  Again? Let me remind you:

 Boker tov, Boulder!  Wake up!

What's it gonna take to rouse you from your slumber?

For those with their dignity still intact and their pencils sharpened, the email address is openforum@dailycamera.com

For the rest, what are you waiting for?  Pipe bombs? . . . car bombs,  maybe?
Or do you just suffer from "a failure of imagination"?  That can be quite deadly, too, you kow.