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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Supporters of Arab Terrorism


:::: BOULDER CO. JULY 14TH ::::

Wednesday 11AM - 3PM
Boulder Courthouse - Pearl Street Mall

Humanities Room 150
Lecture and presentation by the
Stop the Wall campaign organizers
and Nadya Waziri


Contrary to popular belief, the Wall that Israel is building will not mark the 1967 border, also known as the "Green Line." Rather, amidst some of the most fertile land in Palestine, this latest unilateral offensive is a further exercise in Israel's annexation of lands, destruction of agriculture and property, and violation of human rights.

The Stop the Wall Campaign - US was initiated to assist the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON) in their campaign against the Apartheid Wall, and has the following goals:
Disseminate information to media, government officials, organizations and individuals.

Coordinate with and provide resources for solidarity groups and individuals in the United States.

Mobilize interest among people to come, see and show their solidarity and outrage against the Apartheid Wall.

Assist and arrange delegations and individuals going to Palestine.

Please take action and join our efforts to oppose the human tragedy that is being inflicted by the construction of this wall.


July 2- July 9: Northwest
Eugene & Ashland, OR & Reno, NV

July 10 - July 19: Central US
Salt Lake City, UT; Ft Collins, Boulder & Denver, CO; Lawrence, KS; Lafayette, IN; & Columbus OH

July 20- July 31: Northeast (1)
Ferguson, PA; Boston, MA (for the Boston Social Forum and DNC); Providence, RI & Pittsburgh, PA

Aug 1 - Aug 21: Midwest US
Louisville, KY; St Louis, MO; Iowa City &Waterloo, IA; Minneapolis, MN; Madison &Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, Il; Traverse City, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor & Hillsdale, MI

Aug 22 - Sept 4: Northeast (2)
Erie, PA: Buffalo, Ithaca & Syracuse, NY and NYC, NY (for the RNC); & Philadelphia, PA

Sept 4 - Sept 25: Southeast US
Chapel Hill, NC; Charleston & Columbia, SC; Atlanta, GA; Dothan, AL; Miami and St Petersburg, FL; New Orleans, LA; Houston, San Antonio, Austin & Dallas, TX; & Nashville, TN

Sept 26 - 28: Washington, DC
(Hopefully folks will join us to lobby and bring their own wall sections to surround a mock village on the mall)

Sept 29 - Oct 20: Westward back to Seattle via the Southwest
Alamosa, CO; Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Alamogordo, NM; Tucson, Phoenix & Flagstaff, AZ; LA, Riverside, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento & Chico, CA; Salem & Portland, OR

"People demand freedom of speech as a
compensation for the freedom of thought
which they seldom use." -- S. Kierkegaard

You might want to print out signs or flyers from StandWithUs.com

and please, get yourself some proper attire.

This is good,

this would be kind of ironic

and this is hard core.

Oh yeah, and some of our Christian allies might to wear this:)