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Thursday, July 15, 2004

This week's parshah, or "portion" of Torah

from Azamra.org
The Boundaries of the Land are given as a COMMANDMENT (Numbers 34:2). While nobody doubts that the true Land of Israel includes all the territories west of the River Jordan, few are aware of where the southern and northern borders of the biblical Promised Land actually are.

The final settlement of Israel as prophesied by Ezekiel completely defies all present-day conceptions in the mass media of the settlement Israel should accept, showing that the true boundaries of the Land stretch from the eastern arm of the Nile delta up north to the Turkish city of Antakya (Antiochia) north of 36 degrees Lat. N. The mountain spur above Antakya is HOR HA-HAR, Mount Hor mentioned in Numbers 34:8 as the northern point of Israel's Mediterranean border.

Any "settlement" that does not take this into account is doomed to ultimate failure, for "the G-d's counsel is what will stand" (Proverbs 19:21). Of course the Land will only become Israel's without contest when Israel will fulfill its part of the Conditions of G-d's Covenant to give them the Land.

There's lots more good stuff at Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum's Universal Torah. Feel free to avail yourself of this antidote for the poisons in our lives.

It's almost Shabbos . . .