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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Today in Boulder, Colorado

And coming soon to a town near you?


I'm surprised. Not so good in the Rocky Mountain News, where reporter Berny Morson gives the last word to the Palestinians:
Aref Nammari, a University of Colorado research assistant, said the fence cannot stop terrorism for long. Eventually, Palestinians will launch rockets over the fence, he said. "What are you going to do - build a roof? This isn't the solution," said Nammari, who is Palestinian.
I am reminded of a proposed bumper sticker I saw at DANEgerus.com:
"Have you ever considered that maybe you're not a victim, just a loser?"


As of 11:38 pm (I don't know what the website will look like in the morning),Yehudit is on the front page of the Colorado Daily, holding up the excellent banner painted by Jessie, our good friend (who has surprisingly good handwriting with spray paint!).

And the article is good press for our side.

Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish gets the last word:
"If I had to characterize their (RMPJC) [Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center] views, it would be that they have functioned for the last three years as ideological enablers of terrorism."
Ahhhh, a day well spent after all.