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Monday, July 12, 2004

UN and World Court opinions notwithstanding,
Israel remains a hyperactive LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD

from Israel 21c
An Israeli company is developing a unique, portable "through-wall imaging micro-power radar," which will enable disaster rescue forces and military units to operate more effectively in saving victims' lives - while protecting their own lives. More...

Using a combination of motors and sensors, a new medical device being developed in Israel called ReWalk could enable more than 2 million Americans with lower limb disabilities to stand, walk and climb stairs again. More...

Bomb-resistant trash bins in New York and unmanned ariel vehicles in Arizona are just two clear examples of how Israeli technology is increasingly being harnessed by U.S. government bodies and American companies to protect U.S. interests and citizens. More...

Israeli technology unravels the 'babel' of computer translation

Israel helps to make Georgia a nanotech world center

Israeli company first to launch UWB chipset

Israeli scientists help vultures spread their wings

Israeli device redefines colonoscopy

Patenting Israeli ingenuity

Israeli device increases efficiency of lung biopsies using bronchoscopes

U.S. Marines select Israeli communication devices for forces in Iraq

Israeli study: Tuna fishing still killing dolphins

Graphic breakthrough for the blind developed in Israel

Israeli company offers an office in your palm

Israel's Pluristem holds out the promise of life
Intel Israel's breakthrough revolutionizes chip development

Israeli technology powers American library systems

Israeli scientists sharing vital information with U.S. security organizations

IBM Israel's R&D labs justify their prestige

Israel's Emblaze introduces world's first customized multimedia handset

These advances are in Technology only . See also other sections --Home, Health, Global Democracy, Culture, Personal Profiles etc.-- at Israel 21c: A Focus Beyond the Conflict.