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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What do Iran, Hez b'Allah, the Hamas, Islamic Jihad & al Qaeda have in common?

Maj.-Gen. Israel Ziv, head of IDF Operations Directorate: "We recognize Hizballah as one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world at this time....They are involved and effective not only in this region, but also with what is happening in Iraq....This organization is much more organized and established than all of the other terrorist organizations and is potentially more dangerous than al-Qaeda." (Arieh O'Sullivan in the Jerusalem Post)

According to Avi Dichter, director of Shin Bet, Iran is trying to build a "Trojan Horse" among Israeli Arabs, and is also the leading force behind most Palestinian terror groups, including the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Tanzim. He termed the Hamas a "front for Iran," and the Islamic Jihad as an "entirely Iranian organization." The majority of the Tanzim cells in the West Bank serve as the basis of the Iranian infrastructure in the area and receive money and arms. (Nina Gilbert in the Jerusalem Post)

I think we need a flow chart. Any volunteers?