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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You don't hear much about Palestinian SELF-RULE these days

but the Times (UK) refers to it today
The turmoil and violence now engulfing Gaza has already cost the job of Ahmed Qureia, the Palestinian Prime Minister, who yesterday reaffirmed his decision to resign because of the “chaos and lawlessness” in the densely populated strip. More is at stake than just his job. The weekend rioting and the storming of the Palestinian military intelligence headquarters are the most serious challenge to Yassir Arafat since Palestinians gained a measure of self-rule from Israel ten years ago. Together with the clashes between rival security forces, the internecine struggle between the militants, the manoeuvrings of faction chiefs and the widespread anger at the paralysis and misrule, the violence could quickly lead to civil war. Gaza’s future has rarely looked so desperate.
I don't know whether to say 'Whoops' or 'Bravo'. . .

MSN/Encarta: In October 1998 Netanyahu and Arafat signed an accord by which Israel would withdraw from additional West Bank territory in return for Palestinian security measures against terrorist attacks on Israel. The Palestinians also agreed to remove articles that called for Israel's destruction in their national charter. In November Israel completed the first of three scheduled withdrawals, but froze the implementation of the accord the following month. Israel claimed that the Palestinians had not carried out their part of the accord . . .