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Friday, July 09, 2004

Zell Miller and me

I was interested to see Zell Miller's guest column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution - I love my party but hate what it has become - (via Driches at Crossfiah!) so interested in fact, that I submitted myself and my information to their ridiculously long registration process. In the end, he had nothing new to say
I have been a proud member of the Democratic Party from the time I first breathed the Georgia mountain air. But lately I can barely recognize my once-great party. Between Al Gore's rants, Michael Moore's falsehoods, the felons-for-hire shenanigans of America Coming Together and Moveon.org's crazy conspiracy theories, the Democratic Party has become a coalition of the wild-eyed. Driven by a rabid desire to defeat President Bush, they seem eager to say and do anything to tear him apart.
He doesn't explain what I want to know, which is why is he still hanging out there? I guess he has a lot more invested in it than I do.

From Amazon's About the author:
Many party loyalists will not like what Senator Miller writes; yet his credentials are beyond question, for few Democrats have worked longer or stronger for the party and its candidates. Zell Miller has served in an elective office in each of the last six decades. When he left office as governor after two terms, he had an 85 percent approval rating, prompting the Washington Post to call him the most popular governor in the country. After getting to Washington, he became President Bush’s biggest Democratic supporter, but steadfastly refused to switch parties.

A National Party No More is a firsthand account from the enigmatic senator who has confounded his Democratic colleagues. Driven by conscience and common sense, Senator Miller names the self-destructive direction of his party and stubbornly pulls the Democratic family toward reform.
"Driven by conscience and common sense". . . Ah, there's that common sense again. The Democrats have lost it (and the other as well).

Do the Al Gores of the world not realize how profoundly they have lowered the bar of political ethics and discourse? It will surely come back to bite them. I just hope it does so in a hurry . . . before the election.