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Monday, August 16, 2004

75% of US Jews agree with the Palestinian Authority:

Don't believe me? Just see today's Jerusalem Post:

75% of US Jews favor Kerry over Bush

and PA silently supports Kerry in US election

The Palestinians actually say the same thing the American Left says, i.e. that any other administration "can only serve their interests better," another way of saying "anyone but Bush" - a expression which, when Googled, yields almost 4 million results.

See also Kerry appoints Mel Levine top Mideast adviser.

To gauge Kerry's attitude toward Israel, one need only look at his votes during 20 years in the US Senate, according to Levine.

"By every rating and criterion, Kerry's votes have shown 100 percent solid support for Israel," he said.
Not so, says Rick Richman in The Jewish Press:

I decided the best indicator of the depth of Kerry's support would be the instances where the pro-Israel position got 60 votes or less -- by definition the most controversial situations, the ones where Kerry's vote mattered most. There were 10 of those votes in the JVL list, and Kerry's record there was . . . envelope please . . . six pro-Israel votes out of 10. So in the close-call category, Kerry was basically a 60-40 guy.