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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Al Jazeerah: People, Governments Show Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners Strike

In Jordan, official spokeswoman of the Jordanian government, Asma Khader, told reporters yesterday that Jordan insists that every single Palestinian prisoner should enjoy his/her rights completely in accordance with international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In the Saudi Arabia, in its editorial, the major Saudi newspaper of Al-Riyad criticized obviously the Israeli detention of Palestinians, resembling such a policy with the US detention center of Guantanamo in southern Cuba.

The Qatari-based newspapers stressed on Monday the need that the solidarity activities in Palestine should be followed by similar campaigns worldwide, particularly in both Arab and Islamic countries.

The Emirate-based Al-Bayan newspaper also focused on the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike, recommending that the League of Arab States dedicate August 15, as a day of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners.

Gulf News’s editorial indicated that the prisoners’ ‘empty stomachs battle’ emphasizes the fact that these Palestinians enjoy a free will and strong determination to resist the Israeli occupation.

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These people are so good at diverting the attention of their people and simultaneously staying in the news, it's unbelievable.

According to Arutz Sheva,

The imprisoned terrorists demand the removal of the glass walls separating them from their visitors, as well as other improvements in their visiting arrangements. They also want telephones in their cells or wings, as well as the right to have cell phones, a computer in each cell, no Value Added Tax on their canteen purchases, air conditioners in their cells, no more body checks, and more.

. . . Prison and police officials say that they will not give in on any demands that have to do with security. "The jails have become, over the past few years, top headquarters for the Palestinian terror organizations," they say.

Dozens of terror attacks have been planned during this period by imprisoned terrorists, with the aid of cell phones smuggled to them by visiting relatives. Some 850 such phones were found and confiscated over the past year.