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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Battle in the Camera continues

Today's riposte . . . from Michelle Miller

TERRORISTS: Actually, they do hate our freedom

The childish drivel displayed by Joseph Salemi (Open Forum, Aug. 12) regarding the motivations of terrorists runs rampant among liberals and America haters.

Gee whiz, we just need to be more culturally sensitive to Muslim murderers.

Salemi writes, "they don't hate freedom ... Americans, nor how we live." Uh, excuse me, but they do hate that girls at the mall wear their jeans slung so low you can see underwear with tattoos above it, and they do hate that you live in Boulder and eat pork. Yes, gosh darn, they do hate our freedoms. Of course, Salemi's right that they hate Jews (oops, I mean "Zionist pigs").

Incidentally, while he is blathering about how safe we will be if we have a change of "thought" and "attitude," the Islamic Jihadists are sharpening their knives and working up a sweat over the Koranic injunction to kill infidels. Actually, it's an Islamic thing, Joe. Hope that doesn't cause you to spill your latte.


(There are less generous souls who hope that he does spill his latte.) Kol hakavod, Michelle. Great letter.