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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Get this. The Body Shop promotes an Arab "right of return"to Israel, and has given a "Human Rights" award (2002) to The National Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced, which The Body Shop describes as follows:

a self-help and advocacy advisory service, and a network for all community-based organisations campaigning for the right of return of internally displaced Palestinians.
You may ask, what are "internally displaced Palestinians"? The answer given at this website is
The internal refugees or uprooted communities ae Palestinians who were uprooted and expelled from their villages during the 1948 war and afterwards, and who live in and are citizens of the State of Israel . . . . The number of the Uprooted is calculated to be about 250,000. The majority live in the Galilee and the others in the central triangle the mixed cities in the centre, and in the Negev.
This is their gripe:

The experience of Palestinians before, during and after the 1948 al-Nakba [i.e., the catastrophe of the rebirth of the state of Israel] is the result of the Zionist policies of occupation, violence and military eviction. The policy of eviction created the question of Palestinian refugees and the plight of all those Palestinians who for more than half a century have lived in the camps of the Diaspora [see post below about Arabs stealing Jewish history] or as forcefully displaced persons in their homeland. Palestinian refugees continue to sacrifice and fight for their legitimate right to return. . . .

Israeli governments continue to legitimize their existence built on the remains of another people's land. [see post below about Arabs stealing Jewish history]

This organization wants to "re-affirm" that

We the some 250,000 internally displaced, part of the Palestinian Arab minority, Citizens of this state, did not fall from the sky [I kid you not; that's what it says]. We are not immigrants, but natives in our land. The Israeli government is not allowed - on ethic, moral, legal and political grounds - to keep us displaced in our homeland, far from our towns and villages of origin. International law and principles protect our natural right of return.

And, if you're still with me, "As pan (sic) of the entire Arab-Palestinian people," they wish to declare:

  • The refugee issue is the heart of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
  • The Palestinians refugees' right to return to their homeland and homes is a sacred right whoe implementation must be based on UN Resolution 194.
  • We warn of the consequences of conspiracies against Palestinian refugee rights, whether conducted openly or behind closed doors. We state with loud voice that there will he (sic) no just solution without a solution of issue of the refugees and the internally displaced.

Feh! I will gladly spare you the rest, because I can hardly bear to type it out.

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