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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Boker tov, Athens

Arik Zeevi, Israel's judo champion, wins the bronze!

Yes, the same judo champion against whom the Iranian wouldn't compete. (That story went nowhere fast. Just imagine if someone had refused, "on principle," to compete against a Black person. It woulda been a hullaballoo.)

Arutz Sheva covers the win:

"I couldn’t imagine this could really happen," Zeevi told Voice of Israel radio following his win. "I tried to imagine how this would feel, but it does not compare." Zeevi added that although he was under intense pressure to succeed on behalf of Israel, he greatly appreciated the outpouring of support from his fellow Israelis.

Zeevi’s bronze medal is the fifth in Israel’s Olympic history. In 1992, Yael Arad and Oren Smadja won silver and bronze medals respectively in the Judo competition, in 1996, Gal Friedman won a bronze metal for windsurfing in and in 2000, Michael Kolganov won a bronze medal for kayaking.

Zeevi is the reigning European Judo champion and ranks second place worldwide. He carried Israel’s flag at the Olympics’ opening ceremony.
Yasher koach to all the Israeli athletes, and thanks to Joshua for the free food.