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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Boker tov, Boulder!

B"H, I made it across the country and back again

And what a harrowing trip it was! Both Sam and I were sick when we finally took off, with his car full of computers, guitars, skateboards, blankets and towels, and a massive collection of black t-shirts. Our timing was atrocious - we hit Topeka, Kansas just as their tornado sirens started going off, and every major city at 5:00 (including the Baltimore beltway). It took us four days instead of three because we did most of it under various severe weather alerts, and once we hit the Appalachian mountains, we were doomed to the slow lane.

From Boulder to Baltimore, we saw five times as many Bush stickers as Kerry ones, though the college campus parking lot once we got there, made it come out even in the end. People were really nice everywhere we went (except one lady in the newstand at the airport), and I came away from the trip with a new and increased appreciation for the diversity and constancy of Americans. We are a good people. I was pretty upbeat until I tried to catch up on the news.

It breaks my heart to find us revisiting the anguish and division of the Vietnam era. Kerry was short-sighted, if not downright stupid, to make his Vietnam service the focus of his convention's attempt to "reintroduce" himself to the electorate. He should have realized that his record as a warrior and an anti-warrior would become subject to scrutiny. He should have realized that the last thing we need right now is to bring up that whole damned mess. We were already incredibly divided before he picked the scab off the national wound of Vietnam.

If Kerry is this short-sighted, divisive and generally unable-to-cope in his campaign efforts, just imagine the nature of a Kerry presidency at a time when we will most certainly face the threat of nuclear terror. What a nightmare.

Victor Davis Hanson is empathetic toward Kerry, but then Hanson commands a greater expanse of knowledge and deeper integrity than most of the rest of us . . . in addition to being just about the most eloquent commentator of our time. (((VDH for President)))

I must say I missed having access to FoxNews over the last week. I'll go see what they have to say about the protests in NY, keeping an eye on Roger Simon's commentary as he blogs from the RNC (I could so relate to this post, pre-convention).

Oh, and before we all get completely consumed with the protests, the convention, the hurricane and the Israeli-spy-in-the-Pentagon story, go watch this video clip of Gal Friedman winning Israel's first-ever gold medal at the Olympics (windsailing). It's awesome.