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Monday, August 16, 2004

Dems have spent $85 million on registering new voters

Newsmax: So far, the pro-Kerry 527s [non-profit committees that can raise unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and labor unions, registered under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code] have spent $33 million on TV ads bashing Bush.

But the same 527s, backed by Bush-hating billionaires like George Soros, have spent more than triple that amount - some $85 million -- on registering new (read Democratic) voters. These voter registration drives are below the radar screen, but may prove decisive for the Democrats on Election Day.

Steve Rosenthal, head of one of the leading 527s, Americans Coming Together, says, "There has never been anything like this magnitude of voter contact in history."

Rosenthal doesn't lie. The Republicans -- already on track to be outspent by the Democrats by 2 to 1 -- have not mounted any comparative effort.

There is no hard data on how effective the grassroots voter efforts have been so far, but NewsMax hears that the 527s are pouring millions into building get-out-the-vote operations in two states: Florida and Ohio.

Now hold on, I always thought the BigEvilCorporation guys were Republicans. Check this out (from www.PublicIntegrity.org):

With the Democrats promising to "cut family premiums by up to $1,000," why would a giant insurance company macher contribute to them?

What's up in this country anyway?