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Monday, August 30, 2004

Giuliani's speech was magnificent!

Immediately slammed by the liberal press as "a stinging attack" on Kerry, it was the best speech I've heard in all the time since 9/11 -- and consistently pro-Israel to boot! Yasher koach to the Extremely Honorable Rudy Giuliani.

Tomorrow's NY Times:
The remarks by Mr. Giuliani on the opening night of the Republican convention in New York left no doubt that this gathering would strike a notably different tenor than did the Democratic gathering in Boston, where Mr. Kerry instructed fellow Democrats to refrain from excessive attacks on Mr. Bush.

At least the Times also published the full text of the speech online, a must-read if you missed it. Transcript also available at the 2004 Republican National Convention site if you prefer.

It's fun, too, to read Ed Koch's remarks introducing Mayor Bloomberg, and those of actor Ron Silver, if you missed them.