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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Give the Presbyterians a piece of your mind

The Unity Coalition for Israel has an Action Alert, where you can fill out a form and it will be sent to the Presbyterians, as follows (you may edit as you see fit).

Dear Rev Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick, CEO of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA; Mr John J. Dettrick, Executive Director,

Last week, delegates representing the three-million-strong American Presbyterian Church voted, by a margin of 431-62, to study the idea of divesting itself from Israel – that is, refusing to invest church money in companies that do over $1 million annually in business there.

In addition, you have condemned Israel for building an anti-terrorist fence because it inconveniences Palestinians. You forget that Palestinian terrorism destabilizes and inconveniences the entire world: It impacts the global economy, airport travel is a logistical nightmare, thousands of lives have been lost, and survivor’s lives have been ruined. In fact, you might cynically say, a Palestinian homicide bombing can ruin your whole day. The security fence is being erected to defend the brutalized Israeli civilians.

Would you, Presbyterian church, suggest that the United States ignore the radical Islamic threat resulting in 9/11? Are we wrong to establish a Homeland Security Program to defend ourselves?I can only conclude that the issues of divestiture and the security fence need to be rethought by the World Court and by you. The Presbyterian church. Your current position can only lead one to believe that you care more about the inconvenience of the Palestinian terrorists than the destroyed lives of their victims.


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Don't you wish the press would directly question the Prebyterian representatives who voted? I'd like to see them challenged to defend their views. Actually, Jews in each and every town where there is a Presbyterian church should make an appointment to speak with the local pastor about this. It would be more personal and effective, neighborly, grassroots and all that.

Now, who's gonna come with me?