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Monday, August 02, 2004

Hevron Remembers

75th Anniversary of Massacre

The Hevron Jewish Community will hold a series of events this week to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the riots and massacre that occurred in the city's Jewish neighborhoods in 1929. . . .

Arabs rioted throughout the country at that time, and in the most murderous massacre of all, hacked to death 67 of Hevron's Jews in their homes. Eyewitnesses who were children at the time were filmed (in Hebrew) for Hevron's website.
"It was Sabbath morning, and I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of Arabs coming towards our home, screaming, 'Itbah al yahud!' (Slaughter the Jews!) and the like... Rocks started being thrown through the windows. My father blocked the door, but then they started breaking in though the doors. Our neighbors managed to jump out the window upstairs, and landed in the yard of an Arab - they asked him to take them in, but he was afraid. But the woman had compassion, because one of the group was pregnant, and in fact she gave birth to a girl in that house, and thank G-d they were all saved. My father was killed, my mother and my older sister, 6 years old, were wounded with axes, and my younger sister and I listened to my mother who yelled to us to run under the bed, and that's how we were saved."

A memorial service will be held in Hevron's ancient Jewish cemetery on Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM.

Yes, Arabs were killing Jews in the Holy Land before Israel became a state,
before the Jews were called settlers,
before the Arabs were called Palestinians,
before the Holocaust,
before the UN,
before most of us were born,
even (just days) before Arafat was hatched . . . in Egypt.

Some things never change.