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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Iran warns its missiles can hit anywhere in Israel

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian military commander said on Sunday Israel and the United States would not dare attack Iran since it could strike back anywhere in Israel with its latest missiles, news agencies reported.

Iran last week said it carried out a successful test firing of an upgraded version of its Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile. Military experts said the unmodified Shahab-3 was already capable of striking Israel or U.S. bases in the Gulf.

"The entire Zionist territory, including its nuclear facilities and atomic arsenal, are currently within range of Iran's advanced missiles," the ISNA students news agency quoted Yadollah Javani, head of the Revolutionary Guards political bureau, as saying.

Location, Location, Location

For those who ask why the Bush administration chose to focus on Iraq, instead of any of the other terror-supporting nations, one need only see where Iraq is.

Right in the middle of Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia- Iraq could provide an enormously important wedge, potentially thwarting collaboration or unification among/between the terror nests that surround it. In addition, Syria becomes isolated, surrounded by relatively moderate, relatively free countries, and Iran gets stuck between Iraq and Afghanistan (on its eastern border).

I heard someone interviewed speak of the liberation of the Middle East . . . such that Arabs could be free and Westerners could be safe. If the president framed it in such terms, he would be giving us something to get behind, not just something to fight. (Hear that, George?)

Looking at it geographically, one can even see our invasion of Iraq as the opening volley in a courageous and forward-looking plan. Please Gd, let there be such a plan.

Anyway, distribute the map. Or a better map that shows Afghanistan as well. Americans don't generally know where Iraq is. And that's so important.