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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kerry's Vietnam commander:

"I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the United States."
The Barnes & Noble here in Boulder doesn't even have the book, Unfit for Command by John O'Neill and Dr. Jerry Corsi; I had to order it.

If you too are having trouble getting a copy, you can preview a single chapter by signing up at HumanEventsOnline to have it sent to you by email. WARNING: this is an admittedly {gasp} conservative website :)

David Limbaugh, also admittedly conservative, writes this at townhall.com :
You can certainly say that John O'Neill and the some 250 Swiftees supporting his position are lying. Or you can say that John Kerry was lying about Vietnam and continues to today. But you cannot honestly say that both groups may be telling the truth. . . .

If just one tenth of what the Swiftees assert is true, we should shudder at the prospect of a Kerry presidency. Where are the media?

I point out the conservatism here because no one else is talking about this book! While there is criticism of the book as a Bush-Regime-driven Smear Campaign, none of Kerry's supporters, Democrats, liberals, lefties, or the mainstream media are speaking to the actual charges made and documented in the book. It reminds me of a child covering his/her eyes so that no one can see them! Surely this attempted blackout -on potentially pivotal news- will come back to bite those who wish to impose it.

And while we're on the subject of liberal censorship, check out this opinion piece at NRO that USA Today accepted before they rejected (for being too biased in favor of Bush). Oy vey.