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Monday, August 09, 2004

Let's get some perspective:
HEADLINES Monday, March 15, 1993

I came across this from something called Israel Line, prepared by Gideon Sa'ar and Robert Socolof in 1993; my thanks to them.

More than just fascinating reading from a bygone era, I hope it is an eye-opener. If not then, maybe now -- more than a decade later.
Clinton Notes Concern Over Wave of Attacks On Israelis Before Meeting with Rabin
Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL, reports that before Prime MinisterYitzhak Rabin's meeting today with President Bill Clinton inWashington today, President Clinton said that he is very concerned about the current wave of attacks against Israelis. Clinton said he hopes it won't prevent the parties to the peace talks fromcontinuing the search for a true peace.
Government Decides to Escalate Fight Against Terrorism

Today's DAVAR reports that the Israeli Government decided yesterday to enact a series of steps in response to the recent wave ofterrorism. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who presided over themeeting, reported those decisions to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin via telephone (Rabin is currently on a visit to the U.S.). The Government decided to tighten supervision of the crossing pointsbetween Israel and the Territories, increase the presence of Civil Patrol (Mishmar Ezrahi) in the big cities, and approve the PoliceMinister's request for special budget allocations to provide 2,000more policemen and border policemen.

In an announcement released following the meeting, the Government stated that it will take all legal measures necessary against terrorists and murderers.

Wave of Terrorism Continues
Israel Defense Forces Radio, GALEI ZAHAL, reports that a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli man who had emigrated from New York just one month ago. The regional Police Chief, YaacovGanot, said that the suspect said "he was sick of life and decided to stab a Jew." Ganot said the alleged assailant is from Nablus inthe West Bank. The victim, 22-year-old Shlomo Haber, suffered wounds to his back and lungs and is reported to be in moderate condition.

Demonstrators In Front of Rabin's Residence:
"How Can You Sleep At Night?"

KOL YISRAEL reports on the demonstrations being held today denouncing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and protesting the current state of security in Israel. The demonstrators gathered in front of the Prime Minister's residence, as well as at the Megido Junction. Hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police in front of the Prime Minister's residence. They carried a huge sign reading, "Yehushua Weisbrod and Uri Magidish [mentioned in post just below] were murdered by the Fatah. Rabin, sitting with the Fatah in peace, how can you sleep at night?"
Hamas States Readiness for Palestinian State in Territories as Interim Phase in the Return of "All Palestine"
Today's HA'ARETZ quotes Mohammad Nazal, the senior Hamas representative in Jordan, who announced at a press conference yesterday that Hamas "does not oppose the establishment of aPalestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as an interimphase in the return of all Palestine." His statement was received with praise by the PLO. Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazan), a member of thePLO Executive Committee, even declared this to be an important turn-around in the traditional Hamas position.

The newspaper states that during the same interview, Nazal also said "It is inconceivable that Hamas would conduct a dialogue with Israel or recognize it." The newspaper notes that this change in the Hamas position actually represents the adoption of the "stages strategy"advocated by the PLO since 1973.
American Document: Syria Views Jordanian-Palestinian Federation or Confederation as Practical Solution to Arab-Israeli Conflict

Today's MA'ARIV reports that Syria is not advocating a Palestinian state and views a federation or confederation solution with Jordan as a practical way out of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As forJerusalem, Damascus is not insistent on the united city ecoming the capital of a Palestinian entity. These points are included in an assessment document prepared by the United States, in anticipation of the resumption of the peace talks.

The U.S. document, which is based on sources close to senior political circles in Syria, has determined that the Syrian position is grounded in the desire of Damascus -- and that of President Hafez Assad -- to erase the shame of the Six-Day War (i.e. in which Syria lost to Israel) which to this day haunts the generation that participated in the war.

Charges Brought Against Palestinian-Americans
Arrested in Alleged Connection to Hamas
Today's HA'ARETZ reports that the military court in Ramallah brought indictments against Mohammed Jarad, 36, from the Chicago area, one of the two Palestinians-Americans detained on suspicion of connections to the Hamas organization. Indictment of a second Palestinian-American Mohammed Salah, 39, was delayed after his lawyer complained she had not received a copy of the charges in advance.