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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

NYC synagogue on list of al Qaeda targets

New York's Eldridge Street Synagogue was put on a list of possible terrorist targets based on information found on computer discs seized at the home of an Al-Qaida leader in Pakistan last month, Time Magazine reported. Synagogue officials, who were not aware that the building had been added to the watch list, questioned the magazine's reporting, saying that if there were a real threat they would have been contacted by officials.

Commentary from the VOICE OF JUDEA:

I know my Jews. They will read this article in disbelief, and refrain from getting off of their apathy. "Why would Al-Qaida target us? Stop trying to scare us!" Jews are absolutely amazing. They are so incredibly stupid when it comes to assessing danger and taking necessary steps to avert the danger.
Synagogue officials said, "If there were a real threat they would have been contacted by the authorities."
As if they need to be contacted to begin to understand that terrorist Islamic cells are alive and well in New York and throughout America. Are they completely brain dead? As if itwould help if they were given any warning by authorities. If the murder of3000 New Yorkers, a mile away from the synagogue was not enough to wake them up, what good would a call about some information found on aPakistani computer have done?