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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Rachel Corrie's prof holds forth in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Israel ignores the lessons of history"

The lessons of history to which this Evergreen State College professor (international politics and Middle East Studies) refers, are Hadrian's Wall, The Great Wall of China, the Maginot Line and the Berlin Wall . . . "better remembered as monuments to failure than as monuments to lasting peace and security."

This is absurd and hard to take; the writer has the chutzpah to equate Israel's security barrier with Palestinian suicide bombings - both are archaic.

". . . the illusion that walls and barriers will provide lasting security lives on today in modern Israel and in the U.S. Congress, where this archaic belief has been resurrected as the solution to the similarly archaic practice of human sacrifice utilized by Palestinian suicide bombers . . . "

Drawing on his vast knowledge of history, the professor also says that we are wrong to belive that the fence works.

"Those who profess concern for Israeli security are dangerously mistaken if they believe that building a combination of concrete walls and electrified fences around Palestinians in the West Bank will end suicide bombings and enhance Israel's overall security. In fact, as history has shown, it will likely lead to even more, not less, daring and devastating forms of violence.

. . . the most dangerous aspect of Israel's current barrier is that it will likely threaten Israel's long-term security by fueling Palestinian desperation and incentive for even more destructive forms of terrorism."

We just have to stop fueling the terrorists' anger and desperation by trying to save our children's lives! Everyone knows a happy terrorist is a passive one.

Wouldn't you love to know if the good professor has a fence around his house? Probably built it with his Bush tax cut refund :)

Thanks to the excellent Shark blog for bringing our attention to this.