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Friday, August 13, 2004

Submitted to the Daily Camera's Open Forum

Two anti-Israel letters in the Camera in one day (August 12) is almost more than I can bear. Joseph Salemi wants the U.S. to cease support of Israel so that “we will be safe again,” and Kimberly Gibbs reduces historical fact about Israel to “word games and delusional logic.” Have those who hate the Jewish state no mercy?

Today, an Israeli security officer and father of seven was shot to death by a Palestinian Arab “policeman.”

Two days ago, there was a double suicide bombing at a northern Jerusalem checkpoint and a Palestinian kassam rocket landed near a Jewish kindergarten.

Three days ago, 56 Jewish graves and a war memorial were desecrated in the French city of Lyon. (More than 300 Jewish tombs or graves have been desecrated in France since April of this year.) On the same day, dozens of tombstones were toppled in a Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic; never mind that the cemetery dates to the 17th century or that Sigmund Freud’s brother was buried there.

Also this week, Time Magazine reported that a New York City synagogue - built over 100 years ago by refugees from pogroms in Russia, Roumania and Poland - is on a list of al Qaeda targets.

Jewish students from the U.S. Israel and Poland were assaulted recently at Auschwitz; this was of such phenomenal interest in America that it was reported in a total of five newspapers.

A leading Arab terrorist in Gaza was quoted last week as saying that “Our aim is to liberate every piece of land in Palestine, including what is now called Israel.”

A small building in a cemetery in New Zealand, used by Jews to handle and pray for the dead, was torched a week ago today, and graves there were damaged.

In San Francisco, a Jew running for public office had his campaign posters covered with swastikas. Turns out his father’s entire family was murdered by the Nazis.

I had already realized the truth of the Jewish dictum, “every good exile comes to an end.” I didn’t need Salemi and Gibbs to rub my face in it.

Anne Lieberman

Good Shabbos.