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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Suspected Treason in Israel:
Left-wing Activist arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy

Possible boyfriend is Palestinian "freedom fighter"
Maariv: Tali Fahima, a 28-year old extremist left wing activist and suspected mistress of Jenin al Aktza Brigades commander Zakaria Zbeidi was arrested last night by security forces. She has been remanded into custody for 10 days.

Fahima was arrested in May at a check post not far from Jenin, where she had been living for several weeks with Zbeidi, acting as his human shield to prevent him being the victim of a targeted elimination. It is not clear whether a relationship developed between them.

She was subsequently released to house arrest, but last night she was arrested, together with two Arabs, Abu Kaoud, an Israeli Arab resident of Jaffa, and Haled Amar, a Palestinian from Jenin.

She is being interrogated by the ISA and police on suspicions of aiding and abetting the enemy, including helping terrorists plan a terror attack inside Israel. . . .

She admitted that she does not regard Zbeidi as a terrorist, but a freedom fighter, since he is under alien enemy occupation.

According to Steven Plaut,

Tali's arrest will come as a shock only for those who have been blissfully ignorant of the nature and the agenda of Israel's radical Left over the past two decades. In reality, just like the American campus Left has long been little more than a movement of anti-Americanism, so Israel's Far Left is today - even more so - nothing more than a movement of anti-Israelism and Jewish self-hatred.

Israel's radical Leftists seek the destruction of their own country. They consider their country an evil apartheid monstrosity and they are willing to see as many Jews murdered as it takes to end this "Zionist abomination."

Read his full commentary at today's Israel Insider.