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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets of New York

I've been looking for a photo of the gigantic Palestinian flag I saw (on tv) carried by the crowd, but no luck as yet.

The first wave of demonstrators makes its way toward Madison
Square Garden during the anti-Bush march organized by United
for Peace and Justice in New York Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004, on
the eve of the Republican National Convention. (AP Photo/Ted Warren)

Director Michael Moore, left, is joined by the Rev. Jesse Jackson at
the start of a protest march leading up to the Republican National
Convention sponsored by the group United for Peace and Justice in
New York, Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004. The Republican National Convention
is scheduled to begin Monday. (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta )

From Roger on-the-spot:

Cops were everywhere. It was fun talking to them. One of them said to me, "It's like fuggin' 9/11 never happened." His buddies seemed to agree.
Charles at LGF, who is watching "this pathetic display of illogic and suicidal weakness" over the web at C-SPAN, says
A large group of pro-terror useful idiots just paraded in front of C-SPAN’s cameras, carrying Palestinian flags and wearing kaffiyeh, chanting “Long live Palestine! Long live intifada!”
He also saw/heard this call-and-response:
Who is the terrorist? Bush is the terrorist!

Who is the murderer? Bush is the murderer!

New York City police officers react after a float
caught on fire during the protest march against
the policies of the President George W. Bush
administration August 29, 2004 in New York.
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Yeah right, the float just spontaneously "caught on fire" and the protestors are just protesting "policies" of the "administration." If only it were true.


"We have no connection to any of the protesters," the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe, said on Thursday. . .

-- in today's New York Times