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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ugh, a letter to the wife of Paul Johnson

from MEMRI, via Jihad Watch

According to MEMRI, the recent issue of Sawt al-Jihad ("Voice of Jihad"), which is identified with Al-Qa'ida, published an article titled "A Letter to the Wife of the Slain Pagan Paul Johnson from the Wife of One of the Martyrs."

This anonymous letter celebrates the murder of the American hostage Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia, and is attributed to the wife of one of the terrorists killed by the Saudi Security forces.

The letter has grotesque lines like,

"We are just getting started
and the corpse of your husband
shall be followed by mountains of corpses."

The blood of your husband is the blood of a dog
because he is an idolatrous infidel."

"May you shed tears mixed with blood. . . "

Robert Spencer comments:

This is a cannily written piece. It focuses on grievances that Europeans and American Leftists will love -- the occupation of Iraq, alleged Western targeting of non-combatants -- and suggests that Muslims will fight against Americans until they leave Iraq. This implies that the jihad will then end, which is the view of many analysts today on the Left and the Right: if we just stop bothering the Muslims, they'll stop bothering us.

Unfortunately, this doesn't take into account the traditional Islamic teachings about offensive jihad: the necessity to wage war to establish the hegemony of Islam. It is affirmed often (here by South African Mufti Ebrahim Desai), but gets hardly any attention from taqiyya-addled Western analysts. Yet it is not something that will be mitigated by the removal of any or all points of contention.

What I don't understand is what the lefties think when they read things like this. Or do they not read them, because they're not seen in the New York Times or heard on NPR? I never would have imagined that liberals could be so idiotic. Get rid of Bush, and everything will be okay. Kerry will sweep the Jihadis back under the rug where Clinton tried to keep them, and the whole problem will disappear. The psychopathic hatred evident in this letter will magically dissolve, the insurgents' weapons will rust away and they will themselves dissipate, quietly returning to being poor little brown people on the other side of the world. We will occasionally read about them in lefty human rights fundraising letters, and once in a while we'll mail off a check for their hungry children. Back at home, America will no longer be "divided, unstable [and] paranoid."

Kerry's plan? Absolute fairy dust. The silly infidel remedy for "tears mixed with blood."