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Monday, August 09, 2004

What's best for Israel?

Meryl Yourish got me all excited - I thought this new blog was actually called Jews for Bush, but it's not. It's not called that or Democrats for Bush or Zioneocons for Bush, or even Recovering Liberals. Nevertheless, please welcome to the blogosphere:

"Best For Israel" is a diverse coalition of individuals, Democrats, Independents and Republicans who believe that now, more than ever, Israel needs the United States to have a president who will be "best" for Israel, not just one who may be "also good." Based on their records, we believe that President Bush is that candidate.

If ever there is a time to put party politics aside for Israel, it is now. The stakes are too high. Israel is too important.

BestforIsrael.org is not affiliated with any campaign or political party.

And the mainstream press is paying attention. From the New York Sun, August 5:

Jeff Stier, the New York nonprofit executive who started the site, said he got the idea during conversations with friends who said Israel was their biggest priority in electing a president. Mr. Stier says the site is designed to contrast Mr. Bush's defense of Israel with Senator Kerry's "lack of leadership and poor judgement."