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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Which of today's murders was paid from your taxes?

by Isralert subscriber/commentator David Frankfurter
I am sitting at my computer watching the reports come in of the attempted suicide bomber caught at the Erez crossing from Gaza, immediately followed by the double bus bombing in Be'er Sheva. As the body count rises and the bloody tragedy unfolds on our screens, I think of the irony of the email I was reading when the terrible news came through.

I have written often about the culpability of foreign donors, who knowingly allow their aid money to be diverted from benefiting the genuinely needy Palestinian Arabs, toward corruption and particularly terrorism. As the news of these latest murders came through, I was reading the press release of the Funding for Peace Coalition, announcing their new report entitled Managing European Taxpayers’ Money: Supporting The Palestinian Arabs – A Study In Transparency.

The report is fully documented and cross-referenced. You can see exactly how the European Commission have specified controls in place since September 2001 to stop their money going to terrorism - and then proof after proof from the mouths of Palestinian leaders and terrorists that these controls were not in place until mid 2004. You can read how the EU deliberately used money laundering techniques to excuse the blatant abuse of their money. You can read a list of terrorists on the European funded PA payroll - despite European denials. You can read about the excuse making that passes for investigations, and the list of countries around the globe - from the US, through Japan, Canada, Australia and beyond - that make direct and indirect contributions to the Palestinian coffers.

And in case you thought that the Europeans had 'learnt the errors of their ways' as a result of the many investigations and revelations, read Monday's Jerusalem Post:

Radi Jirai, a senior official with the PA Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, said in response that his ministry was paying monthly salaries to the families of all the security prisoners. He said the sums ranged between NIS 1,200 - 3,000 per month for each family. He also said that the ministry covers the university fees of the children of the prisoners.
In other words, if you get caught murdering Jews, you can rest easy that the Palestinian Authority will use its EU funded budget to support your family, send your children to school - and continue to pay your salary while you serve your time. A terrorist insurance policy from the European taxpayer's pocket. If that's not supporting and encouraging terror - then I don't know what is!

I urge you to read the press release (and the report). Please pass it on to your national media, to politicians, to NGOs, to church leaders, to your friends and family. Let people know how they are contributing to corruption and murder.

If we don't demand accountability from our leaders, then we are equally responsible for the murder of every Israeli, for the death of every Palestinian terrorist and for the grinding poverty that is gripping the Palestinian villages.